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Construction Guidelines for Electric Service

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This section provides a general overview of our requirements for construction of electrical facilities. Also refer to state tariffs regarding specific requirements for your area. Because each construction project and site present their own specific issues, please contact your local KCP&L representative for detailed information and complete answers to any questions you might have during the construction phase.

NOTICE: Call KCP&L at 888-471-5275 for an appointment to have us disconnect your service and REMOVE THE SEAL/METER. IT IS UNLAWFUL AND UNSAFE TO WILLFULLY ALTER OR TAMPER WITH any meter, meter seal, wire, cable, transformer or any other KCP&L property. Remember: Keep Safety First!

Charges for Electric Service

After we receive your Request for New Service application, we will prepare a cost estimate for electric service. If the construction site is not located near electric distribution lines, the estimate will include the cost to extend distribution lines to your site. A KCP&L representative may need to meet with you on-site to gather additional information about your requirements. Service lines should be no longer than 100 feet. In addition to possible additional charges for the customer, the quality/integrity of end service can be compromised at greater lengths. Once the estimate is complete, we will notify you of any required costs (per applicable state tariffs).

Be sure to ask your representative, or one of our Consumer Market Sales representatives, if there are any programs that might apply to your project.

If you are required to pay any construction costs, a signed construction agreement and full payment will be required before KCP&L can proceed with the project.

You may also be required to furnish right-of-ways necessary to install the electric distribution line extension and service. Additional site preparation/requirements, such as tree trimming, are also customer responsibilities for which costs may be incurred.

Temporary Construction Meter

A temporary electric meter will be furnished to supply construction power prior to installation of permanent facilities. To initiate a request for temporary electric service, access our Construction Request link to apply online or call either your local KCP&L representative or 1-888-471-5275 to complete a Request for New Service form. KCP&L requires this information to initiate your request for service, establish your account and begin planning for installation. Charges for temporary meters are dependent on your state's specific tariffs and regulations.

The temporary meter will be set next to the closest power source at the site. Depending on local guidelines, you may be required to set a temporary "post" and meter loop on which to mount the meter. Under no circumstances shall meters be removed or relocated - temporarily or permanently - by anyone other than an authorized KCP&L employee.

Service Entrance

The customer is responsible for locating the service entrance at a place approved by a KCP&L representative. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary charges for service relocations and could delay service. The meter installation and entrance must be located on the outside of the customer's structure at a suitable place unless otherwise approved by a KCP&L representative prior to installation. The metering site should normally be on the side of the structure closest to the power source, free from obstruction to allow for access by KCP&L personnel, and centered approximately 5.5 feet above final grade. KCP&L cooperates in relocating its metering equipment and service attachments when required for modification of a customer's building or service entrance; however, there may be a cost to the customer for such relocation.

Site Preparation

Prior to service installation, the customer is responsible for preparing the site.

For Underground Service

  • Clearly mark the following information on the foundation: the property address and subdivision/lot number if applicable.
  • Clear debris, dirt piles, building materials, etc., from the right-of-way and service route. Please allow at least 10 feet of clearance on each side of the service route for equipment.
  • In some instances the customer may be required to provide the meter enclosure, ground rod, trenching and appropriate conduit per KCP&L specifications before the conductor is installed and connected. Depth will be at least 36 inches.
  • Backfill/compact the service route to within six inches of final grade. Excessive ground settling due to lack of proper compacting can cause damage to utility service lines.
  • Obtain right-of-way/easements as required.
  • Obtain all permits and inspections as required by the local governing agency.
  • Identify, locate and mark existing driveways, septic systems, sprinkler systems and other underground facilities that might affect the service route. Also identify any future building plans, such as decks, patios, pools, landscaping or fencing that may interfere with the location of service and/or metering. All customer-owned underground facilities must be marked prior to service installation.

Overhead Service

  • Trees must be cleared to a minimum of 6 feet on each side of any overhead line. Contact KCP&L at 1-888-471-5275 before trimming trees close to existing power lines.
  • Masts must be installed with adequate connecting wire.
  • Pole meters must be equipped with a comparable disconnect switch below the meter can.
  • Minimum clearance above structures such as decks, patios, pools, outbuildings, etc., is regulated by local governing rules and regulations as well as KCP&L standards.
  • All conduits, conductors and other equipment downstream of the meter are the responsibility/property of the customer and will not be serviced/maintained by KCP&L.

Application for Service

Application for service should be made well in advance of the date that service is required. All matters pertaining to the use of electric service should be discussed with a KCP&L representative at that time. Customers should contact KCP&L at 1-888-471-5275 about each installation as early as possible to provide time for necessary job checking, scheduling, proper coordination and preparation for any necessary contract and billing arrangements. Close coordination between KCP&L and the customer is necessary throughout the planning and construction stages.

This communication merely provides general guidelines and does not attempt to document all the detailed information required by both the customer and KCP&L during construction. It is strongly recommended that the customer complete a Construction Request online or contact their local representative during the early stages of the design process to avoid misunderstandings, delays or unnecessary expense.

Electrical Inspections and Connection of Service

When the customer's electrical work/installation has been completed, inspection may be required by the local electrical inspector(s) to ensure compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC) as well as any local rules and regulations. KCP&L will not energize new service installations until such inspection has been made and formal notice from the inspecting authority has been received by KCP&L.

Permanent Meter

After electrical inspection has been received by KCP&L and construction is complete, the customer must contact KCP&L to set the permanent meter. In many cases the meter used in the temporary set-up will be transferred to the building. Other situations will require an additional meter set. Please note the following items:

  • KCP&L must receive required inspection approval from state, city or county building departments before we can connect the electric meter.
  • The address must be permanently marked on the building. For multiple-occupancy buildings, each meter set requires a separate identifiable address.

Safety Codes

KCP&L is dedicated to helping customers realize optimum value from their electrical service. We must effectively use our distribution and supply capabilities while ensuring safe, reliable and consistent service to all customers. The best way to accomplish this is through uniform standards for installation, wiring and system design.

While the National Electric Code provides minimum requirements, KCP&L may apply higher standards. We do not intend these standards and requirements to be restrictive or burdensome. They are intended to assist in expediting service connections and establishing appropriate customer classifications for service and billing. The customer's wiring and installations to be connected to KCP&L's system must comply with these standards, the National Electrical Code and any local codes or regulations.

These provisions are not intended to guarantee the adequacy and safety of the customer's own wiring and equipment. KCP&L does not design, plan, install or maintain the customer's wiring or electrical equipment. KCP&L also does not inspect the customer's wiring for compliance with electrical codes or regulations established by public bodies whose responsibility this is.

Customer-Owned Generators

The customer shall not use any other power or lighting service, including standby generators, in conjunction with KCP&L's service without KCP&L's written consent. Such written consent may be granted at KCP&L's discretion if the customer has critical operations for which standby service is desirable. To prevent operation of the customer's standby generating facilities in parallel with KCP&L's service, the customer will be required to install a double-throw switch that meets KCP&L's requirements.

Company-Owned Equipment

All electric distribution facilities, up to and including the meter, remain the property and responsibility of KCP&L. KCP&L maintains the right to access its equipment at any time in order to provide safe, reliable electric service to its customers as well as to maintain the integrity of its electric distribution system. Right-of-way and/or easements give KCP&L the right to egress in order to service its equipment.

The customer shall give duly authorized KCP&L agents/employees full and free access at all hours for the purpose of installing/repairing/maintaining any KCP&L facilities on the customer's premises. In the event of loss or damage to KCP&L property due to carelessness, neglect or misuse by the customer, the customer shall at KCP&L's request pay the costs of any necessary repairs or replacements of those facilities. Breaking seals or tampering with meters, wires or any other property owned by KCP&L is strictly prohibited and may be punishable by law.

All KCP&L equipment located within the property boundary, including transformers, secondary pedestals, meters, etc., shall be kept clear of all debris, landscaping, fences and other obstructions to give KCP&L-authorized service personnel access to the equipment for service/maintenance purposes.

Electricity is a clean, safe and efficient power source providing an essential service to all. There are, however, inherent dangers with electricity, and caution should be exercised at all times when around it. Only authorized service technicians, specially trained and qualified to work with electricity, should attempt repairs or maintenance on customer wiring, and only KCP&L-authorized representatives may access KCP&L property and equipment.

Be aware of the height and location of overhead lines when using ladders or high-reaching equipment. All underground facilities must be located by KCP&L-authorized representatives before any digging/excavation begins. Contact your state's line locating service prior to any digging, whether for landscaping or construction purposes.

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