Kansas City Power & Light

Power Outages

Providing safe, reliable service is our mission. When storms strike and outages occur, we respond. Just call us.

To report a power outage, downed power lines or other electrical emergency 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, call 888-544-4852 and press or say "1". Our automated, dependable system automatically will report your outage to us based on your phone number or account number.

For outage reporting only, you also can use our online outage reporting system. Please call to report a downed power line or other electrical emergency. If you are in physical peril, dial 911 or your local emergency response team.

You only need to call in an outage once. Follow-up calls can increase the call volume and delay service to first-time callers.

In some instances, we may already be aware of your outage, especially if there is a storm in your area. If not, we try to learn about your circumstance by asking questions such as, "Have you checked your circuit breakers?" or "Do you know if your neighbors have electric service?"

KCP&L also utilizes a system known as High Volume Call Answering that allows us to field up to 60,000 calls per hour during a major service interruption. The system can provide an automated recording that acknowledges an outage. Your call helps us track areas that have been impacted. This system is the easiest and most efficient way for us to receive, acknowledge and respond to your outage call.

Once your call is logged into our system, we generate a "trouble order" to our dispatch center. These experts notify local service personnel in your area, who respond to the call and work safely to restore power to you and other impacted customers. During repairs, customer service associates monitor the status of service restoration and make random calls to customers to verify that service has been restored.

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