Kansas City Power & Light

Tree Trimming

Keeping Our Power Lines A Cut Above

Tree Trimming Helps Ensure Safe, Reliable Electric Service

KCP&L forestry workers trim trees and inspect power lines on a scheduled basis. Strong winds can blow branches into power lines, disrupting service. Disaster can strike in an instant when a child climbs too close to overhead lines.

Unless a limb is rubbing the wire, KCP&L cannot prune trees along the service drop (the line from our property - usually a power pole - to yours). However, we will be happy to turn off and lower the service line for you. To request a line drop, you must contact us at least a week in advance at 888-471-5275.

When you call, we'll come out and determine what needs to be done. If you're not home when crews arrive, we'll leave a note on your door detailing our progress or noting completion.

Trees near power lines running between our poles are trimmed using techniques developed by the National Arborist Association, the Department of Conservation and other forestry experts. These techniques help direct future growth away from power lines while maintaining the health of the tree. Crews also trim dead, dying or split trees that pose a potential threat. When scheduled trimming is complete, all brush is promptly removed.

Occasionally, a hazardous tree must be removed. Large tree limbs and trunks will be cut into fireplace lengths and left for your use.

Please note: If we clear storm-damaged limbs so that the lines can be repaired, we will leave all wood and brush behind so as to more quickly restore power to everyone who needs it.

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