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About Budget Billing

Budget Billing can help you stabilize your energy bill

Life has its ups and downs, but your utility bill doesn't have to. Let KCP&L's Budget Billing plan even out seasonal billing highs and lows to help you budget your monthly payments.

Here's how Budget Billing works. . .

We'll average your last 12 months' billings to arrive at a fixed amount. That will be your monthly billing amount for the next 12 months. At the end of each year, we'll recalculate your plan amount, adding in any over or under payments.

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Join thousands of satisfied customers who have switched to Budget Billing using these options:

  • E-mail our Customer Care Center reps
  • Call KCP&L's 24-hour Customer Service Center at (816) 471-5275, or toll-free (888) 471-5275


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  • If you are aware of downed power lines or have another electrical emergency, please call our emergency number at 1-888-544-4852.